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c: 615-538-8585


Help the Bunker Five Music team find the best fit for you!

Please include your name, best way to connect with you, details of your project and what you hope to accomplish at Bunker Five. If you have any previous content please provide a link.


You must have an appointment for sessions or visiting the studio in person. Please see our virtual tour to see studio in detail.  


How do I schedule a session?

Fill out the "Contact Us" forms on our HOME or CONTACT page above, email us at, or contact by phone at 615-538-8585

What hours do we operate?

Bunker Five Music operates Mon-Sat 8:00am -10:00pm. We are closed on Sundays. Appointments only.

Can you help me hire musicians, programmers or producers for my session?

Yes! Our team is connected to some of the best musicians, programmers and producers in Nashville! Based on availability, we can hand pick musicians that best fit your style and genre of music. 

How can I become an intern at Bunker Five Music?

If you are interested in being a part of Bunker Five Music please send in some examples of your work and your resume. Someone from our team will contact you. 

Is Bunker Five a bilingual studio?

Bunker Five Music has a heart for multicultural. Our studio's owner, Edwin Portillo, has spent half of his life in America and half in El Salvador. Having spent so many years in both countries and touring many years through out other countries his heart's passion is to make a way for all cultures to feel "at home" at Bunker Five Music. Please see tab at the top of the page to read this website in Spanish.

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