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Choosing the right studio can be daunting so we want to make sure we make the process as smooth as possible for YOU! Recording is more than a is a team, a work flow, a zone that is unique to each and every client that walks in the doors. We have thoughtfully and strategically designed this studio to be that for you. 

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Bunker Five Music's tracking room is 1150 sq ft space including vocal booths, a b3 booth, an amp booth, a drum booth and a balcony. With 30ft pitched ceilings it provides beautiful acoustics to get a unique sound while tracking.

Each tracking session is about capturing the moment, creativity, and the heart of the client to find the sound you have been looking to express.


Our rooms all have custom made booths and an array of mics to capture the best vocal sound possible! Whether you are looking for more of a live sound in our tracking room,  a space large enough for a choir or to isolate a vocal in a booth we have what you need to track your vocals. 

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Track your drums in our custom drum booth! Don't worry about drums bleeding into mics with a full band. We have a room that overlooks the tracking room to make you feel apart of the band while not compromising the sound.


After capturing your sounds through the tracking process, next comes mixing and mastering. Our team has the skills and experience as well as the analog and digital tech

 necessary to mix and master your album. We love to work closely with clients to ensure that your sound comes through on the final project.

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Our fresh minimal style was intentionally designs so that you have a "blank canvas" to create unique video sets and live streaming. With LED lighting throughout the tracking room and in every booth our white fabric walls easily change to any ambiance you need. 

Want a live crowd for a live stream? Our balcony has the space for 15-20 VIP tickets allowing you to have a live crowd while reaching your fan base virtually.



In need of a space to record your weekly podcasts or audio books?  Studio B has all the equipment and ideal space you need to make high quality content.

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Bunker Five Music has an array of instruments that can be rented to help you get the sound you have been longing to have! Contact us for a list of instruments we have available to take your session to the next level. 

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Music city is filled with musicians ready to come together and write the "new hit" that will sweep across America. Finding a space that you can easily get into your best creative mindset isn't always easy! That's why we created Studio B with writing in mind. This is a place that has been designed after many talks with writers on what would make the ideal writing vibe. 

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