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Bunker 5 Music consists of three rooms and six booths. Each room was custom built and designed for the optimal sound quality. 

Tracking Room


Our tracking room is a 1150 sq ft room including a vocal booth, B3 booth, amp booth, drum booth and balcony. Each space is wired and patched for recording. The 30ft pitched ceilings are equipped with lighting bars for videographers lighting equipment. The room is lined with LED lighting allowing for each booth and wall to be transformed into any color giving you the ability to create a variety of looks for any project.

This large, diverse space allows for full bands or to isolate certain instruments to guarantee that unwanted sounds won't bleed into mics.

Contol Room


This Control Room is fully equipped for full band tracking and mixing. With custom made clouds, insulated fabric walls, and E. Portillo signature diffusers this room was engineered to allow you to hear the cleanest sound possible! It provides plenty of space for sound engineers, producers and clients to meet and work on projects together.

Studio B


Studio B is located upstairs along with a kitchenette and full bath. This space is created specifically for a smaller setting. Bunker Five has a heart for music from the ground up. Created with writing in mind, it was designed to help artists "get in the zone." With it's own booth, this room is suited for vocal, guitar and keys tracking. 

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